Misiuni ``Beta´´

Doberman-Misiune a politistilor CRASH unde trebuia sa il arestezi pe Poncho,un personaj eliminat.

All-Terain Takedown-Ar fi numele misiunii Doberman.

Impounded-Misune a lui Cesar Vialpando unde trebuia sa ii recuperezi masina si sa o colorezi in Pay´n Spray

Roadside Assistance

The Truth Is Out There


mission 0:Sweet & Kendl

mission 15:OG Loc

mission 30:Body Harvest

mission 45:Jizzy

mission 60:Verdant Meadows

mission 85:Don Peyote

mission 100:End Of The Line

check out Missions in GTA San Andreas for all the missions,not just all 15 ones

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